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Question: homework homework 21 score 04 of 1 pt 14...

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Homework: Homework 2.1 Score: 0.4 of 1 pt | 14 of 14 (12 complete) ▼ 2.5.51 The table shows population statistics for the ages of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor winners at an awards ce approximately bell-shaped. Compare the z-scores for the actors in the following situation. Best Actor μ = 46 0 ơ-64 Best Supporting Actor μ-53.0 σ 15 In a particular year, the Best Actor was 47 years old and the Best Supporting Actor was 37 years old. Determine the z-scores for each. Best Actor. z D Best Supporting Actor: z Round to two decimal places as needed.) Enter your answer in the edit fields and then click Check Answer Clear Al to search 斷 fg ho
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