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Homework: Homework 6 Save Score: 2 of 3 pts 3 of 7(7complete) HW Score: 67.78%, 10.17 of 15 pts 8.2.21-E Question Help A 9-year-old girl did a science fair experiment in which she tested professional touch therapists to see if they could sense her energy field. She flipped a coin to select either her right hand or her left hand, and then she asked the therapists to dentify the selected hand by placing their hand just under her hand without seeing it and without touching it. Among 252 trials, the touch therapists were correct 100 tmes. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that touch therapists use a method equivalent to random guesses. Do the results suggest that touch therapists are effective? Identify the null and alternative hypotheses for this test. Choose the correct answer below. A. HOP#0.5 H: p0.5 НОР#0.5 HI : 0.5 D. HOP#0.5 H: p 0.5 С. ldentify the test statistic for this hypothesis test. The test statistic for this hypothesis test is Round to two decimal places as needed.)

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