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Question: homework hw 3 score 0 of 1 pt section 32...

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Homework: HW 3 Score: 0 of 1 pt Section 3.2 Exercise 4 Save 2 of 13 (2 complete) HW Score: 15.38%, 2 of 13 pts Question Help It has become common for shoppers to comparison shop using the Internet. In a survey, respondents who 30days, looked up the price of a product while they were in a income level. Complete parts a and b below. owned cell phones were asked whether they had, in the past store to see if they could get a better price somewhere else. The table below has responses grouped by $75K 208 414 $30K-$49.9K $50K-$74.9K Yes No <$30K 215 625 124 414 131 263 a) Find the conditional distribution (in percents) of income for those who do not cyber compare prices $75K $30K$30K-$49.9K $50K-$74.9K Round to one decimal place as needed.)
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