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Homework: HW 4 (15 pts) Score: 0 of 1 p Problem 6 Hw score: 0%, 0 of 5 pts 遷Question Hetp A newns clipping service is considering modemization Rather than manually dipping and photocopying articles of interenst and mailing them to its cienls, employes electronically inpuot storkes from most widely cdeculated pablicaltions into a database Each new issae is searched for key words, such as a cionts company name, competors names, type of busness, and the companys products, services, and officers Whem maitches occx, aflected cions are inetantly nolilied via an online network· lfthe story is of irdeemt. 라 electronically transınlhed, so the dert ohn has the story and can prepare mnmmh f folow up intervie. pubication hits the street The manual process has foed costs of 5400,000 per year and variable costs of 56 10 per cipping maled. The price charged to the client s 10 00 per dipping The computerized process has fxed costs of $1,500,000 per year and variable cosls of $2 20 per story electronically transmitted to the cient a If the same price is charged for either process, what is the annusal volume beyond which the automated process is more attractive?dlippingsEnder your response rounded to the neanest whole number) Enter your answer in the answer box and then Check Answer Clear Al arch
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