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Homework: HW-1: Ch. 1, 2,4 Score: 0 of 2 pts 10 of 14 (9 complete) Hw Score: 60%, 9 of Instructor-created question Question Help Doyle Transport assombles prestige manufactuned homes. Its job costing system has two direct-cost categonies (direct materials and direct manufacturing labor) ans one indirect-cost pool (manufacturing overhoad allocated at a budgotod $20 per machine-hour in 2014) The following data (in milions)show operation costs for 20t EB(Click the icon to view the operations dala (in mlons) Read the tequirements Noter Requirement 1 has been eliminated for thes problem You will only need to complete Requirements 2, 3, and 4) Requirements 2 and 3. Prepare joumal entries. Number your entries Explanatons for each entry may be ontled Post to T accounts what is he ending balance of Work in Process Contro? Show the purnal entryforsposing of under- or overalocaled manuflacturng overhead drecty as a year end wbeot to Cost of Goods Sold Post all the entry to T-accounts Record the purchase of materials, $155, (Record debits first, then credts Exclude explanations from any joumal entres) Journal Entry Debit n milions) c1) ecord the dieect matorials used 5147 Journal Entry Accounts Choose trom any list or enter any number in the bea ds ad the c Check AW 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 O P
i Operations data (in millions) rect manı show ope es nu Materials Control, beginning balance, January 1, 2014 Work-in-Process Control, beginning balance, January 1, 2014 Finished Goods Control, beginning balance, January 1, 2014 Materials and supplies purchased on credit S 20 10 155 147 Direct materials used Indirect materials (supplies) issued to various production departments Direct manufacturing labor Indirect manufacturing labor incurred by various production departments Depreciation on plant and manufacturing equipment Miscellaneous manufacturing overhead incurred (ordinarily would be detailed 100 35 26 ds as repairs, utilities, etc., with a corresponding credit to various liability accounts) Manufacturing overhead allocated, 3,900,000 actual machine-hours Cost of goods manufactured Revenues 301 405 302 Doy Cost of goods sold in 2014 Print Done Clear All Check 99+
operations data (in millions) Requirements Identify the components of the overview diagram of Doyle Transports job-costing syst Post to T-accounts What is the ending balance of Work.in-Process Control? directly as a year-end writeoff to Cost of Goods Sold. Post the entry to T-accounts. 1. 2. Prepare journal entries. Number your entries. Explanations for each entry may be omitted 3. Show the journal entry for disposing of under- or overallocated manufacturing overhead 4. How did Doyle Transport perform in 2014 Print Done sidered small er any number in the input fields and then click Check Answer. Clear All
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