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Question: homework week 4 save score 0 of 3 pts 30154...

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Homework: Week 4 Save Score: 0 of 3 pts 3015(4 complete) ▼ Score: 60%, 6 of 10pts Exercise 8.7 E Question Help This problem is inspired by a study of the gender gap in eamings in top corporate jobe (Bertrand and Hallock (2001)1 The study compares total compensation among top exsecuties h a arge set of uS. public corporations in the 1980s- Each year these publidly taded corporatons must report total compensation levels for their top fve Lot Fomale be an indicator variable that is equal to 1 for females and O for males. A regression of the logarithm of earnings onto Female yields In(Earnings)-6.39-0.45Female, SER-2.57 (0.01) (005) Calculate the average hourly earnings for top male and female executives The houry earnings for top male executives is S per hour. (Round your response to two decimal places ) The hourly earnings for top female executives is per hour. (Round your response to two deoimal places)
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