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First, you need to create a structure game piece. It should contain the variable, label (char [30]) In addition, the following functions should be defined. Function escription oid game piece init default(struct Assign the default string -- to the game pieces label. ame piece piece oid game piece init(struct ame piece piece, char new label) provided ssign the game pieces label with the new _label har* game piece _get label(structReturns the pieces label ame piece* piece har* game_piece to string(struct ame piece piece onstructs a C string of length 3 from the pieces label Note: this length does not include the null character). If he label is shorter than length 3, then the new string hould be the label with spaces appended to make it the orrect length. If the label is longer than 3, then use the irst 3 characters of the label

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