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Question: how can i fix this problem...

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how can I fix this problem Freescale CodeWarrior File Edit View Search Project Processor Expert Device Initialization Window Help rrors a Wamings b MHk5 Emors and werng for Alshafe.Lab02.mc Alshafie Lab02.mcp Ful Chip Simulation Files Lirk Order Targets Error: Cl009: Invalid redeclaration of delayVal Keypad. c line 73 Erro : Conpile failed void KeyWrite(unsigned char val) Sources PORTC くく= 4 PORTC I(val & OxOf): 580 34 546 datapage.c Keypad.c 回参Includes void Delay( int delayVal) PORTC I(val & Ox0f): derivativeh Dprotos.h int delayVa.l MC9S12XEP100.h Libs Eor (delayVal<0.001: delayVal++) Project Settings 56 7998 2918 void Delay( int delayVal) int delayVal for (delayVal<0.001:delayVal++) unsigned char KeyRelease (unsigned ch while(val &0XOFO ne 73 Col Line 73 Col Line 13 Col 11< 12 fles 8634 2924

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