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How do I approach task 2? Page of 5 The path is parabolic The path of the particle as it travels under the influence of gravity is a parabola. The shape of a parabola is70 given by Parabola 60 50 Where c is the curvature of the parabola and xo is the location of the center of the parabola and yo is its value at the center. The figure to the right shows the shape of a typical parabola with a curvature of 2 and a center at x-5, y-10 30 20 10 0 10 12 Task 2: Show that y(x) above is a parabola. What is the curvature? The easiest way to do this is to take the definition ofa parabola above and expand the square is the definition of a parabola and then compare the terms to y(a). you can then match powers of x in the two expressions to determine c, xo and yo. Hitting a target To score points in cornhole the player must choose an initial speed and direction such that the path of the projectile will take it through the hole in the board. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to solve y(x) analytically for both v0 and q. In fact there are lots of different combinations of these two parameters that will result in success (hitting the hole). If we fix either the speed or the direction, we can then determine the other parameter. For example, if we fix the angle then we can easily calculate the speed. However, if we fix the speed (which we will do in your experimental studies) there is no easy analytic solution for the angle. However, we can solve for the angle numerically. This is easily done by just calculating y for various values of the angle until we get the desired result.

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