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Question: how do i do this in c code i need...

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How do I do this in c++ code. I need to keep everything in the "int ccc_win_main()"

  • Compile and run line.cpp. Try changing the coordinate system.
    /* Program: line.cpp */
    #include "ccc_win.h"
    int ccc_win_main()
      Point p(1, 3);
      Point q(4, 7);
      Line s(p,q);
      cwin << s ;
      cwin << s ;
      return 0;
  • Now input an integer value altitude and use a loop to write your own graphics program 'fall.cpp' that produces a graphic representation of falling object (e.g. circle). An object has initial downward velocity 0. Each second, it's velocity increases by 32 ft/sec. Plot the descent of the falling object. Note that terminal velocity is 174 ft/sec so the object's velocity cannot exceed that speed.
  • Now modify your program to read an integer variable secondstoopen to open a parachute after n seconds. Assume the velocity decreases by 100 ft/sec after the chute opens until the downward velocity hits 17 ft/sec.
  • Note that outside the bottom of the loop is the code for where the chutist has landed ... put a message there.
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