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How do i do this:

Objective :

To develop a grocery ordering and payment system using Python. The application allows users to place online ordering of supermarket grocery items. Customer can view list of products by category, place orders and view the final bill electronically using the application. The followings are the required specifications: -

Part 1 1. Grocery items should be categorized by “Dairy and Bread”, “Canned Food” and “Household”. You should provide for minimum TWO (2) grocery items in each category. 2. When user selects a grocery item, it should show the detailed price of the item (inclusive of GST). Customer can also specify the quantity to order (i.e. user can order more than one quantity of the same grocery item). Default is one quantity.

part 3. : Program should allow the customer to select multiple grocery items from various categories and add them to “Shopping Cart”. After selection is done, the customer is presented with a summary list of currently selected items in shopping cart. The customer is then presented with an option to check-out / place order and the summary report.

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