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Question: how do i find the functions for mbq amp mcq...

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3. (8 points total) Suppose a firm has the following benefit and cost structure: B(O) 1400-302 C(Q) 0.5Q2 a. Find the MB(Q) and MC(Q) functions. b. What value of Q maximizes the Net Benefit NB(Q)-B(Q)-C(Q)? (50 points total) Abby is a first grader who likes to drink milk and juice. Sup her $12 a week in pocket money to spend only on milk and juice. Suppose . $1.50 and the price of juice is $2 a. b. c. Write down her budget set in algebraic (equation) form. Write down her budget line in algebraic (equation) form Draw her budget line or constraint on a graph where the number is on the X-axis and the number of milk boxes she buys is on the Y
How do I find the functions for MB(Q) & MC(Q). Plus I’m looking for the value of Q that maximizes the Net Benefit NB(Q)=B(Q)-C(Q)?
I’m looking for help directly on #3 a.) and b.)
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