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how do you do this?? any explanation on how to solve would also be appreciated :) Thank you!The following are financial statements of Tamarisk, Inc. Tamarisk, Inc. Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31,2017 Net sales Cost of goods sold Selling and administrative expenses Interest expense Income tax expense Net income $2,235,000 1,030,200 919,800 94,700 70,050 120,250 Tamarisk, Inc. Balance Sheet December 31, 2017 Assets Current assets Cash Debt investments Accounts receivable (net) Inventory Total current assets $76,600 85,050 180,100 163,300 505,050Total current assets Plant assets (net) Total assets Liabilities and Stockholders Equity Current liabilities 505,050 593,100 $ 1,098,150 176,500 36,550 213050 210,300 423,350 Accounts payable Income taxes payable Total current liabilities Bonds payable Total liabilities Stockholders equity Common stock Retained earnings Total stockholders equity Total liabilities and stockholders equity 367,800 307,000 674800 $1,098,150Additional information: The net cash provided by operating activities for 2017 was $207,300. The cash used for capital expenditures was $109,800. The cash used for dividends was $ 32,050. The weighted-average number of shares outstanding during the year was 50,000. (a) Compute the following values and ratios for 2017.(We provide the results from 201ó for comparative purposes,) (Round Current Ratio and Earnings per share to 2 decimal places, e.g 15.25 and Debt to assets ratio to 1 decimal place es 78.9%. Enter negative amounts using either a negative sign preceding the number eg 45 or parentheses eg 45 (0 Working capital. (2016: $160,500) (i) Current ratio. (2016: 1.65:1) (ii) Free cash flow. (2016: $48,700) (iv) Debt to assets ratio. (2016:31%) (v) Earnings per share. (2016: $3.15) Working capital (i) Current ratio (iin) Free cash flow $ iv) Debt to assets ratio (v) Earnings per share $

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