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Question: how does the conversion of energy happen in the fluid...

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  1. How does the conversion of energy happen in the fluid machineries?

  1. What is the maximum theoretical suction head of hydraulic pumps? Would in be possible for pumps to work with this theoretical suction head? Explain.
  2. Under what reason do we prefer to have reaction ratio of axial compressor as R=0,57
  3. Why do we use diffusers in compressors? Explain in detail.

  1. What is the maximum length of the suction pipe of pumps? Why is there a limit for suction pipe length?

  1. Show that in the Pelton turbine the theoretical energy transfer, E, is maximum or hydraulic efficiency is 100 percent when (bucket angle) = 180 by differentiating the equation stated blow with respect to U. Is it possible to have (bucket angle) = 180 in practical applications? If it is not, Why?

  1. Do you prefer having hydroelectric power station instead of thermal power stations? Explain your opinions.

  1. What precautions should you take when you design and run a radial compressor?

  1. Explain why dissimilar pumps should not be arranged in series or parallel.

  1. What is the essential difference between the reaction rotor and impeller wheel?

  1. Why do you think, in practice, the deflection angle is in the order of 160-165 is Pelton wheel?

  1. Why do we use guide vanes in turbine?

  1. How can you keep the performance of axial compressors maximum?
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