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Question: how many attended only the fsu butler game how many...

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were as follows Four hundred thirty people were surveyed as they left the FSU-Virginia basketball game at the Tucker Center. The results 215 attended the FSU-Marist game (M) 215 attended the FSU-Butler game (B) 175 attended the FSU-NC State game (NGS 85 attended the Marist game and the NC State game 70 attended the NC State game and the Butler game 90 attended the Butler game and the Marist game 35 attended all three of the games Sketch a Venn diagram and answer the questions below nis ow many attended only the FsU-Butler game?

How many attended only the FSU- Butler game?

How many did not attend the Marist, Butler, or North Carolina state games?

How many attended at lease two of these games?

How many attended the Marist and Butler games, but bot the North Carolina State game?

How many attended the North Carolina State or Butler game?

Please answer the question exactly as it is written.

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