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Question: how steep a grade can be climbed by the automobile...

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How steep a grade can be climbed by the automobile in Sample Problem 1.3 with a rear axle gear ratio of 1.76 and a transmission gear ratio of 1.95 while maintaining a constant speed of 60 mph? Note: With the given transmission gear ratio of 1.76 the car is not in high gear it is in a lower gear (e The car has been down shifted to accommodate the hil.)) 60 mph The information given below is a reproduction of Sample Problem 1.3 along with the relevant graphs SAMPLE PROBLEM 1.3 Automotive Performance Analysis Figure 1.7 shows a representative engine power requirement curve for constant speed, level road operation of a 4000-lb automobile. Figure 1.8 shows the wide-open-throttle horsepower curve of its 350-in V-8 engine. Figure 1.9 gives specific fuel consumption curves for the engine for the vehicle shown in Figure 1.10 The extreme right-hand point of each curve represents wide-open-throttle operation. The rolling radius of the wheels varies a little with speed, but can be taken as 13 in. The transmission provides direct drive in high gear 160 120 40 FIGURE 1.7 Vehicle power requirement. Typical 4000-lb sedan (level road, constant speed, no wind). 40 60 Vehicle speed (mph) 80 100 120 160 a 120 40 1000 2000 Engine speed (rpm) 3000 4000 5000 FIGURE 1.8 Engine output power versus engine speed. Typical 350-in.3 V-8 engine.

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