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var companyNames 0800: Ericsson Technology Licensing 9801: Nokia Mobile Phones, 0802: Intel Corp., 0803 IBM Corp., 8004 Toshiba Corp., 8e85 : 3Com, 8006 Microsoft, 8087 Lucent, 008 Motorola, 0009: Infineon Technologies AG 080 Cambridge Silicon Radio, 00b silicon Wave, 800c Digianswer A/s, 008d: Texas Instruments Inc. 900e Ceva, Inc. (formerly Parthus Technologies, Inc.), ee8 Broadcom Corporation, 8018 Mitel Semiconductor, e011 Widcomm, Inc 0012 Zeevo, Inc.. 8813 Atmel Corporation, 014 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, 0015 RTX Telecom A/S 0016 KC Technoloey Inc. 0817NewLogic, 9818 Transilica, Inc. 10 l1 14 15 16 17 13 23 23 24 25 19Rohde & Schwarz GnbH & Co. KG, 881a TTPCom Limited 901b signia Technologies, Inc.1 801c Conexant Systems Inc. 001d Qual

How to convert this javascript code to C#?

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