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Lab 1 BASIC DATA PROCESSING PRE-LAB ASSIONMENT 1. Rea 2. ad the lab manual carefully so you know what you have to do when you walk into the lab. In a lab, the resistance of a resistor was measured using 50 samples giving the following values: 119.95 (6), 121.32 (5), 119.57(7), 117.43(1), 120.76 (15), 120.67 (1),119.78 (8), 121.43(3), 121.8201). (3) 2 a. Estimate the average value of the resistance 120 266 b. Estimate the standard deviation oglogog c. Find the lower and the upper limits of the resistance values covering 99.7% of the observations d. Obtain the z-score for a measurement of 120.47 Ω ,243977 e. Obtain the value of a measurement for a z-score of -1.95.9 Use Excel or matlab to verify your answers. 3. Run the following Matlab code to find the mean, median, standard deviation and histogram of the data % Generate sample time measurement data lear all: close all; Prandni( 100 1)+215 data? J randn[ 100 I)+2.05 meanídatal) mean(data2) medianidatal) median(data?)

how to do this

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