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Question: how to incorporate the narrative teaching and learning writing cycle...

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How to incorporate the narrative teaching and learning writing cycle into this Tuning in lesson of: Building the knowledge of the field

You are to warmly invite the student’s to this unit of work by handing out a copy of the letter personally written to all the student’s undertaking this unit that welcomes them to the unit. You will then inform all the student’s that this unit will be centralised on living things and the life cycles of living things with a particular focus on narrative


To begin immersing student’s into the unit you will spark student’s curiosity, scientific thinking skills and allow for exploration of prior knowledge and further developing student’s understanding into living things and life cycles to develop awareness for narrative writing.

To do this students will watch the video:What is a Plant? All About Plants for Kids (make sure you mute the audio to the video). Students will use the visuals in the video to discern and spark thinking, understanding and reasoning.


After watching the video you are to circulate an image of a strawberry life cycle. Drawing from this image you are to apply the use of the artful thinking palette See Think Wonder to facilitate and scaffold a discussion. Use prompts the following prompts to guide the discussion: 

  • What can you see? What do you notice? What observation can you make?

  • What do you think?  What made you think this? Why do you think this?

  • What do you wonder? What makes you wonder this? Why do you wonder about this? 


You will then write the term life cycle onto the interactive whiteboard and use the prompts:

  • What do you think this term life cycle means? What made you think this?

  • What questions do you have around what a life cycle might be? 

  • How might we explore what the similarities and differences between the life cycles of living things are?


Be sure to explore the vocabulary. To do this develop a group definition of life cycles with all the students contributing and adding to it. After you are to display this definition by adding it to the classroom wonderwall of words and definitions.

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