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Question: how to incorporate the teaching and learning cycle of narrative...

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How to incorporate the teaching and learning cycle of narrative writing into this lesson of Building knowledge of the field

Before starting to read the book you will conduct an open discussion with the whole class to ensure students understand what writing is and the main components of a story such as the characters, themes and the main importance of the story. This will help students with the structure of a story.


To see this in practice explain to the students that they will be listening to a narrative story called "The First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story", retold by Joseph Bruchac. 


To build suspense: Show students the cover of the book and ask them what they think the story could be about by using the illustration and title of the book.  Select a few students to share their ideas. 


Before beginning to read the story you are to develop the student's use of vocabulary by explaining to the students that they should take note of the particular words: flowers, sun, light, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries whilst you are reading and how these words have been used. Have the students then consider how these words relate to the story to be able to predict what might happen at the beginning of the story, the middle and the end. Once you have read the story, ask the students to share their thoughts on the story and how these words were used. If the students have trouble understanding any of the vocabulary used add it to the classroom wonderwall and work on a shared group definition. 


Once the students have grasped this you are to provide an explanation to inform students that all living things have a different life cycle to all students. To develop this students will need to create a different version of the story as opposed to the one they read. They will need to think about how they would change the story and can get as creative as they would like just as long as the key ideas from the story such as a strawberry is maintained.. 


Students will begin to write the story out and use visuals to create their own mini story whilst incorporating specific little sections as they work throughout the unit.


Students are to think about:

  • What the characters in their story would do?

  • What is the main theme?

  • What the characters would say?


To help model children’s writing the story introduce the inquiry question: What are the similarities and differences between the life cycles of living things? To achieve this further develop student’s awareness of fruit plants by watching the video The flower, fruits and seeds. This will expose students to the whole notion of life cycles. Remember to inform students to write words from the video they do not know the meaning of to  further create definitions together and add to the class wonderwall. 


The following questions will be used to help the children create and gather information for their stories: 

  • What is fruit? What do we know about fruits? What makes them fruit plants?

  • Why are their different types of fruits?Why is fruit appealing to living things? Why are the seeds found in the fruit important to the survival of the plant? Why do plants make fruit? 

  • How do plants produce fruit? Do all plants that produce fruit begin the life cycle through a flower first?


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