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How to translate this JavaScript code to C#?

Blarme 2Copyright reelyActive 2015 3We believe in an open Internet of Things var identifier - require( ../common/util/identifier.js) Convert a raw Bluetooth Low Energy advertiser address Gparam (string) payload The raw payload as a hexadecimal-string. 11 return (Object) 48-bit advertiser address 1function process (payload) f var advAString payload. substr 1e,2); advAString +payload. substr(8,2). is 11 adVAString +-payload. substr(6,2); 17advAString payload, substr(4,2); advAString - payload. substr(2,2) advAString + payload. substr(0,2) 19 20 return hew identifier(identifier.ADVA48, advAString); 21 23 module. exports process process;

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