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SOTYxNDgxODRa ks bar. Import bookmarks now... Girl scouts Lab (Arrays of objects) Full Program You will practice writing classes and then practice making arrays of objects from the class your wrote Description Each year the Gin Scouts of America sell cookies to raise money for the activities they will be involved in during the year. Mrs. Fielder is the troop leader for Troop 451 and she has asked you to write a program that will help her track the troops cookie sales. The program needs to provide the following functionality: Add and delete scouts Enter cookies sales for each scout (by the box) Print a summary of the troops cookie sales. This summary should include: A list of the scouts and how many boxes of each type of cookie where sold The total number of boxes sold by each scout. The total number of boxes sold by the troop. The total value of sales for the troop. ($3 a box) . . Here is a list of the types of cookies sold: Samoas Dosidos Tagalongs Ole Ole Thin Mints Aloha Chips All Abouts Trefoils Each cookie is sold by the box at a price of $3 Programming Notes Your program needs to include the following classes in your implementation: Driver - this the driver class for your program. GirlScout- this class represents a single girl scout. The class is responsible for keeping track of the girl scouts name, the number of boxes sold for each type of cookie (Hint: use an array of integers), and the total number of boxes sold. It should provide appropriate accessor and mutator methods so that the troop can interact with the scout. There are 8 types of cookies - see list above. Troop -this class represents the entire troop. It is responsible for administering the data entry of cookie sales information, tallying the results, and printing a summary report. The class should provide a menu system to aid in the data entry Sample Run Main Menu . Add Scout Delete Scout 3. Enter Cookie Sale 4. View Summary 5. Exit ake Selection:1 Add Scout

How will you program using Java?

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