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(18 %) Problem 1: Consider the three vectors shown in the figure. They have magnitudes IAl 33.5,lBl 9.5, and ICl-33.7, and the labeled angles are 6A -40°, θΒ-20°, and A-_ 15°. Note that the figure shows the definitions of the angles, but the arrows in the figure may not be to scale 17% Part (a) In what quadrant is the vector A+B+C? Grade Summary Deductions Potential 031 Q4002 33% 67% Submit Hint Feedback I give up! Submissions Attempts remaining: 2 (33 % per attempt) detailed view Hints: 1% deduction per hint. Hints remaining: 3 Feedback: 2% deduction per feedback 33% 17% Part (b) What is the magnitude of the vector A + B + C?How would I go about Finding the Quadrant for the vector A+B+C? I Know you would Find Each X & Y component but I keep seeing this problem done on Zookal and for Vector C the Vertical Component changes for Sin to Cos and same with Horizontal changing from Cos to Sin? I don't quite Understand why that changes only for vector C?

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