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Question: i 20 shown below is a hydraulic cylinder actuated mechanism...

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I. (20) Shown below is a hydraulic cylinder actuated mechanism that lifts a machine by pushing on the curved arm which is welded to a tube (tube extends out beyond what is shown) that rotates to lower the wheels (wheels not shown). A 1020 hot rolled steel has been specified for the parts. You as a degreed engineer, have been asked to check the design prior to it being produced Use sketches to illustrate your answers for the questions below, if it helps. You do not need to do actual calculations for this assignment, however you need to clearly and completely show how you will approach finding the solution How do you expect the assembly to behave, what types of loadings might it experience, and where might the stresses be high? a) b) What type(s) of evaluation(s) does a full analysis of the design require? List and explain why cWhat calculations (show equations, and anything else that is needed) will need to be included. d) What material model(s) will be needed? Sketch the model(s) graphically and show all potentially relevant yalues (numerically), for the ways in which it could behave. You must cite your sources of information.
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