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Question: i already graphed the arithmetic graph but how would i...

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ngle zero atx--3 e Answered 03/21/2018 Answe Arithmetic and Semilogarithmic plots A logarithmic scale is a non-linear scale used when there is a large range of quantities being compared. nlogunthmic means only one axis is logarithmic. Some types of ecological phenomena are more easily graphed and interpreted on a logarithmic or semilogarithmic plot. Functions can also be plotted with both axes Semil on a logarithm scale. Bacteria reproduce by binary fission and have very high rates of population growth. Suppose you start on day with one bacterium of a species which doubles its population size every 24 hours. Starting at day zero, graph the population size of these bacteria for 15 days on both arithmetic and semilogarithmic plots to compare 25000 tocco 5000 TH If you draw a table or figure you must write a detailed legendI already graphed the arithmetic graph, but how would I even begin to graph the semilog?

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