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Question: i am currently learning python and my second project is...

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I am currently learning Python and my second project is to create a blackjack game using OOP principles. (Classes,objects)

I need advice on how I can separate the game into classes. I'm not asking for code, I'm just asking on advice picking classes for the structure of the game. Are there any resources for coming up with class structure for a game?

My current thinking is that I should have classes for:


Am I on the right track? Any advice for taking a problem and coming up with classes for it? Is there such a thing as too many classes or too few classes?

Here are the requirements:

  • You need to create a simple text-based BlackJack game
  • The game needs to have one player versus an automated dealer.
  • The player can stand or hit.
  • The player must be able to pick their betting amount.
  • You need to keep track of the player's total money.
  • You need to alert the player of wins, losses, or busts, etc...
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