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Question: i am looking for a solution for my project using...

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I am looking for a solution for my project, using EMU8086 ASSEMBLER, the solution consists of two parts, part one that teaching the multiplication table , part two test the user in the multiplication table (only 16 bit register )

Multiplication Table Teaching and Testing Programming Project Please read this entire document carefully and abide by the requirements exactly. Your proiect mark will In this project, you are required to write an Intel x86 16-bit assembly language program that will teach and test youngsters the simple 1-12 multiplication table. The program shall be divided into two parts: one part is to show examples through which youngsters can learn the basics of the multiplication table. The other part is used to test and report on how good the user has learned the multiplication table. This project is to be done by a team of two students. One student will be responsible for the teaching part, while the second student is responsible for the testing and reporting part. It is expected that each student will use his preferred approach to accomplish the task. You are free to choose any method you find suitable. You can use graphics or text mode to accomplish the tasks. It is essential that you plan your work carefully before starting the code for a successful project.

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