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I am looking to solve Question 1

Question 1. the circuit below, R.-1 k12. R2 1 ks, Vo 0.5 V, and the diode D is ideal. Find the values of the output voltage Vour and of the diode current I corresponding to the values of the input voltage VIN listed in the table below. VD D IN Vour (a) 4 V (b) v c) -2 V Question 2. In the circuit below, VpD 5 V, R 5 k2, the transistor transconductance parameters are ki21 mA/V, and the threshold volt ages are V. 1.5 V. Find the currents lA and IB isregarding channel-length modulation efects) and the Esimum output voltage Vomin for which n the output voltage ΔΕ)-1 V. if the channel-length mod ilation parameter is λ-0.05 V-1 transistors are in saturation. Caleulate t he change in the ouput current ΔΙΒ resulting for a change VDD M2 Vo,min ΔΙΒ

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