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Question: i am not sure about the depths it is asking...

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Problem #5: Note that this question along with all other problems that dont have the Minitab symbol beside them should be done by hand. Consider the following data, 42, 66,47,49,47,68, 46, 68, 42, 50 (a) Draw a stem and leaf plot including depths using intervals of length 5. (See p. 19 of the lab manual for an explanation of depths). Enter the value of the depths only in the answer box below For example if your stem-and-leaf plot looked like Minitab Output #6 on page 19 of the lab manual, then you would enter the following numbers into the answer box: 8, 36, 20, 44, 21, 5, 1 (b) Calculate the mean. (c) Calculate the sample variance. (d) Calculate the range (e) Calculate the coefficient of variation Problem #5(a): Must be 6 whole numbers separated by depths, separated with commas commas Problem #5(b): mean (rounded to 2 decimals) Problem #5(c): sample variance (rounded to 2 decimals) Problem # S(d): range coefficient of variation trounded to 2 decimals) Problem #5(e): Just Save L 1 Submit Problem #5 for Grading

I am not sure about the depths, it is asking for a total of six values, separated by commas!

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