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Question: i am not sure how to find the original article...

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I am not sure how to find the original article title like the teacher is asking. Help? This is the article from Sciencedaily.com I chose and read. Thank you!

Our Skilled Cardiology Specialists トProvide Comprehensive Heart Care in X Nashville Menu E Science News from research organizations Proteins use a lock and key system to bind to DNA New study challenges a fundamental as- sumption of how proteins interact with the human genome Date January 16, 2019 Source Gladstone Institutes Summary Scientists have traditionally thought that DNA binding proteins use patterns in the genomes code of As, Cs, Ts, and Gs to guide them to the right location, with a given protein only binding to a specific se- quence of letters. In a new study, scient- ists discovered that proteins must rely on another clue to know where to bind: the DNAs three-dimensional shape share f yG P in FULL STORY You can think of DNA as a string of letters As, Cs, Ts, and Gsthat together spell out the information needed for the construction and function of cells. Each cell in your body shares the same DNA. So, for cells to take on their dif

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