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Question: i am supposed to do the following the application will...

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I am supposed to do the following: The application will let the user enter user name and password in one activity, and then display some prompt information on another activity. Here are the important characteristics:

There should be two components for the user to enter the user name and password in the first activity. Each of these should have a descriptive label to the left. The two input components should appear above each other.

There should be a button to cause the addition to happen in the first activity.

Use a vertical linear layout with horizontal layouts to get the screen to look as much like the sample as you can. Make sure the action button is centered.

Use string resources for the various labels on the application

If the inputted user name and password are matched, then display some congratulation messages on another activity.

For simplicity, set the valid user name to “cs7455”, and set the password to “123456”.

Otherwise, display login failed messages on another activity.

In the second activity: There should be a component to display login failed information. Moreover, there should be a button placed under the display component. When the user clicks on the button, the application goes back to the previous login activity

expected output:

7:40 ser Name CS2302 2302, Welcome to my webpage LopnLogin Fait Please go back, try k agant Go Back ssword Login 7:35 Login Fal Pliease go back, try iR again ser Name Login

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