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Question: i am wanting this image or any image to mirror...

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public class FlipVerticalFilter implements Filter Flip the image horizontally over the vertical axis) * @param theImage The image to modify k/ public void filter(PixelImage theImage) f // get the data from the image Pixel data -theImage.getData() //for each row, swap its contents from left to right for (int col=0; co1 < theImage.getheight(); col++) { for (int row-0; row < theImage.getwidth)/2; row+) Pixel temp-data[row] [col]; data [ row] [col]= data [theImage.getwidth() -1- row] [col; data[row] ItheImage.getwidth)-col-1]- temp; /update the image with the moved pixels theImage.setData(data);Flip Vertical Gray Scale 2 Laplacian Edgy Rotate Counter-Clockwise RBUO OFFEI am wanting this image, or any image, to mirror flip vertically, I am not sure what I have done wrong this is the output I am getting now. Please Help. In java, based off my code I provided.

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