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Question: i appreciate the help thank you...

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Part If its acceleration is constant while speeding up, how fast (in mi/h) will the car be traveling after 0.260 mi of acceleration? Express your answer in miles per hour to three significant figures. Constants According to recent typical test data, a Ford Focus travels 0.260 mi in 19.4 s, starting from rest. The same car, when braking from 59.0 mph on dry pavement, stops in 141 ft. Assume constant acceleration in each part of its motion, but not necessarily the same acceleration when slowing down as when speeding up You may want to review (Pages 39 - 45) mi/h For related problem-solving tips and strategies, you may want to view a Video Tutor Solution of Entering the freeway Submit Request Answer Part D How long does it take the car to stop while braking from 59.0 mph ? Express your answer in seconds to three significant figures.I appreciate the help thank you!!!

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