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I AT&T LTE 9:40 AM < austenite-ferrite allotropic change Suppose you are an engineer making measurements on pure iron wires in a laboratory furnace. Your test involves cycling the iron wires between 400°C and 1200°C. Your furnace and instrumentation are limited such that you cannot tolerate a sample volume change more than 10%. Use the following data to determine whether you can perform the measurements in your furnace, or if you need to find a larger one. State rationale and show all calculations (including units!) to receive credit. Data: . Iron at 1200 C has a face-centered cubic (fcc) structure and a lattice parameter of 0.365 nm (see red star on graph below) Iron at 400°C has a body-centered cubic (bcc) structure and see green star on the graph Iron atomic radius-0.126 nm, iron atomic weight 55.845 a lattice parameter of 0.288 nm ( below) gmole Temperaue (℃) Figure 2-3. Variation of lattice parameter of pure iron with temperature 171. Hint The number of atoms in your samples is not changing as you thermally cycle. Try comparing the volume per atom for iron at your temperature extremes to see if the volumetric change is £ 10% Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications Inbox
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