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On January 1, 2014. Rugh Company purchased equipment with a list price of $22.000 with a 2% cash discount. The equipment was delivered under terms of FOB destination and freight costs amounted to $650. A total of $3.500 was paid for installation and testing. During the first yea Rugh paid $600 for insurance on the equipment and another $500 for routine maintenance and repairs. Rugh uses the units of production method of depreciation. Useful life is estimated at 5 years or 400000 units and estimated salvage value is $2.000 During 2014. the equipment produced 80,000 units. What is the amount of depreciation for 2014? O $4,312 $5,142 O $5,012 O $4.612

I chose B but that was incorrect. What did I do wrong?

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