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I. Consider a steam power plant Reheater operating on the ideal reheat regenerative Rankine cycle depicted opposite. The generated steam is superheated up to 50 bar and 500°C, and sent to a turbine of high pressure (HPT). A fraction m of steam is extracted from the HPT at5 bar is completely condensed in the open to 50 bar (Pump II). The remaining steam (1 - m) is reheated at 5 bar to 400 °C, expanded in a turbine of low pressure (LPT), condensed in the condenser at a pressure of 0.05 bar and finally pumped to 5 bar (Pump I) as 4 Superheater 4 HPT LPT feed-water heater and pumped 3g Extracted steam (m) 5 Condenser 4 2b Boiler 3f Economizor 2c Feed water 1 heater Pump ll Pump l 1. Explain briefly the benefit of regeneration and reheating in a vapor plant. 2. Depict the thermodynamic cycle on the following p-h diagram. Use the same locations for working fluid states as in the previous figure 3. Determine the specific enthalpy h for the liquid /steam states in the following table. Precise the quality xs at states 5,States 5 h (kJ/kg) Quality xs 4. Determine the fraction m of the extracted steam from the turbine HPT 5. What is the overall thermal efficiency nga of this cycle?

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