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Question: i didnt understand pls help...

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A company packages a particular product in cans. Most cans conform to specifications, but a quality control engineer has identified the following reasons for nonconformance: Blemish on can (Blemish) Crack in can (Crack) Improper pull tab location (Location) Pull tab missing (Missing) Other A sample of nonconforming cans is selected and each can is categorized according to the reason for nonconformity. The bar graph and frequency/relative frequency table for this variable are given below Reason Frequencies Level Count Prob 89 0.23733 145 0.38667 58 0.15467 54 0.14400 29 0.07733 375 1.00000 100Blemish Crack Location Missing Other Total N Missing 50 Blemish Crack Location Missing Other 5 Levels There are approximately the same number of cans reported Missing as O Crack O Other Location Missing Blemish

I didn't understand.. pls help

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