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Question: i dont know if im doing this right but please...

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I don’t know if I’m doing this right but please help me out

onnec+Ve UDY QUESTIONS Membranes that line the cavities which open directly to the exterior are called What are the four tissue ppesrniol Connetie mue This tissue type functions in impolse conduction This tissue type functions in contraction Name the three (3) examples of this tissue type and indicate where they are found issue functions in protection, absorptionand secretion List the three (3) shapes of epithelial cels Epithelial tissse isanchored by
Exce3 The Call,Tissues and Monbranes What are the two (2) main structonl componeets of connective tiasoe (The intorceiluler material is also refeed to 8 Which membexos type lines the mouth which lines en closed cavities? Which is found as part of the skie? 9 Adiose tissue belongs to this major tissue oyne 0. In which tisug are celis found among concestric ringsBe specific) 1. Through which type of lisaue would diffusion take place enaily? (Be very specif 12. To which lissa ps does Mood beiong? 13 ive When referring to tissucs, what does the tem simple nean? 4 What is the parpose of cilia in tise? 15. 1steroellular matrix is composed of nd 6. The cartilage tha eoves suppont for the lacyns sod the beochial tubes is called 17· Thiuuuelines the stomach and nail itestine.(Bespecte 18. What is the function of a goblet cei 19 This type of epitheliom found in the bladder to aldou for stretcking and sriking 20. This cissues cells have their nuciei and cytoplesses pushed to the outer edge of the cell 2. Which (specific) type of tissue would be damaged in each of the follewing Tom ligamest b. Emphysema (breakdows of the little sacs-alveoli-in the lung where diffusion takes place) 22. List a place in the body where each of these can be found . Cardiac muscle b. Hyaline cartilage Te
Cuboidal epithelilum . ar comnective tiss Matching found near blood cells 2 Neuron 3 Chondrocyt 4 Sqamous 5 Mast cel 6 Glial cel b. rectangular cell with aleus st the botton capable of trensmining impul fonction is to prodace matrix in connective tiss square cells used for shsoeption and secretion flat scale-lie cll elastic h. phagocylic cell 8 Columar 9 Macrophaps 10 Ear cartilage support cell for neuros function is to produce musix in caurilae
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