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Question: i fei hong is a 70yearold females fei was recently...

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I: Fei Hong is a 70-year-old female.

S: Fei was recently diagnosed with bowel cancer and an open colectomy with stoma formation was completed on her one (1) day ago. Fei has a nasogastric tube (NGT) insitu and is fasting. She will commence NG feeds later this shift after review by the surgical team. Fei has an ileostomy and has been assessed as being MRSA+, requires contact precautions for all nursing care.

B: Medically, Fei Hong has some hearing and sight impairment, and wears glasses and bilateral hearing aids, but is on no regular medications, other than PRN (as required) pain relief.

Socially, she lives with her daughter Yu Yan, son-in-law George and their children – three-year old twins – and Yu Yan’s 17-year-old son Jason from a previous relationship.

Fei Hong has no other extended family as she immigrated to Australia 16 years ago to help her daughter raise her son. She speaks little English and is Buddhist.

A: Fei Hongs current observations are:

·         Temp 36.1

·         BP 105/68

·         Respirations 18

·         HR 64

·         Height: 156cm

·         Weight: 46kg.

·         BMI of 19

·         Pain 4/10

Fei states that she is anxious about recovering from surgery and how to care for her stoma.

R: continue post-operative care, two (2) hourly observations, assess, monitor and treat pain, gentle mobilisation. One person assist with ADLs


QUESTION:  Fei has a newly formed ileostomy. Outline the nursing care required for emptying and changing an ostomy bag, while ensuring privacy, dignity and being culturally respectful. Include in your response the education you would provide to Fei on caring for the stoma and emptying and changing the ostomy bag.


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