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Question: i got part a correct but couldnt get the rest...

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A patient receives a daily dose d 7 mg of the drug FilGud® In the course of 24 hours, 55 % of the drug is absorbed and a fraction of r modelling the daily concentration Mt of FilGud® in the blood immediately after administering the dose is 9 /20 remains in the blood. The DTDs M+1 -Me+d (9/20M+7. a) Find the updating function of the DTDS as a function of the variable M Answer: f(M)-| ((9/20)M)-7 b) Find the equilibrium point of the DTDS. Give an exact answer. Answer. M*- c) Give the general solution for the DTDS with general initial condition MoM Answer. Mt d) Calculate M5 if Mo 0 Give your answer with an accuracy of two decimal places Answer. M5Number e) Determine the stability of the equilibrium point p. Choose the correct answers from the drop-down menus. Answer. The equilibrium point is Click for List because Click for List f) Due to sudden complications, the patient now also needs to take the drug Weisun® This drug inhibits the uptake of Fil Gud® so that only 45% will be absorbed and a fraction of r = 0.55 will remain in the blood. Calculate the new daily dose d of FilGud® needed to maintain the equilibrium concentration of that drug at the same level as before. Give your answer with an accuracy of two decimal places. Answer dNumber e) Returning now to the DTDS M+1(9/20)Mt 7:on the graph below, draw its cobweb diagram, for at least 3 iterations, starting from Mo-0. Remember to always start your cobweb on the horizontal axis. Click on the left button of your mouse to enter a corner point of your cobweb. You can always adjust the coordinates of the last point that you have entered using the field with the coordinates and pressing the return keyLabel for the horizontal axis of the graph below: Label for the vertical axis of the graph below 10 6 10 12 Clear/Effacer Coordinates/coordonnées

I got part a) correct but couldn't get the rest of this problem. Please help and thank you so much.

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