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Question: i got these answers but not 100 about the second...

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I GOT THESE ANSWERS BUT NOT 100% ABOUT THE SECOND ONE (I AM BETWEEN EXCLUDABLE OR PRIVATE) I CHOOSE EXCLUDABLE BECAUSE PRIVATE JUST SAY PRIVATE NOT PRIVATE GOODQUESTION 3 Nikola has developed a new tablet that instantly cures headaches. Nikola is kind and publishes the recipe on the internet. Thomas develops a capsule that despite its different recipe, also instantly cures headaches. Thomas immediately patents his recipe, hich means that only people that pay Thomas can use the recipe. The patent will last 20 years Select the item from the list provided to make the following statements true The marginal cost for someone to adopt Nikolas recipe, assuming everyone has access to the internet, would be 2. Common 3. Collective 4. Binary category 5. Tragedy of the Commons . Non-rivalrous 7. Excludable Due to the patent. Thomas recipe must be considered as being The tablet produced by Nikolas recipe, assuming .Rivalrous 9. Private 10.0 11. Public 12. Spectrum everyone has access to the internet today, is an example of a good

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