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Question: i had question answered 6 times i typed in the...

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I had question answered 6 times, I typed in the answers they got and webwork keeps saying it’s incorrect. I attempted this question 66 times, I tried to set this equation equal to zero, I tried everything and I’m getting nowhere and I’m getting frustrated trying to figure out the correct answer. These are their work and I typed all of these answers into webwork and webwork keeps saying all of these answers are incorrect. Can you show me what the correct answer should be?
Your answer is correct. But I have seen that your type have some mistake. I have seen that your ans is y In r rlnr-r- constant But you type it zinz-yIn2+ x = constant Hope it will help you.
Then My and N2」 In h The solution is r In(z) + y ln(y)-r = constant Hope this helped. Please do rate positively. Thanks and have a good day
va t 1 Ax-X
JM If it is showing this is an incorrect answer then type y In rIn -constant Or (r+ y)In - constant Because In is defined for positive values.
χ.lw/X ) da C. Please feel free to ask any query and rate positively
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