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Question: i have a discussion due i post the requriments here...

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I have a discussion due, I post the requriments here.

Chapter 2 discusses politics and choice across five case studies that involve decision-making. In the case of the Cuban Missile Crisis, where we came within 24 hours of going to global nuclear war, we see that the leaders we elect to protect us must make difficult decisions. After reading this case study, how would you have handled the crisis with the Soviet Union if you were President? What do you have to know before your make your choices? What political issues do you have to balance at home and abroad before you make your choices?

The idea here aims to focus on the difference between academic observation and debate versus the need to decide and act upon that decision. Ultimately, there is a reason why Presidents age so quickly, and we may wish to consider what a difficult job a President has, no matter their political party.   What do you think about this?

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