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  3. i have attached the rubric so you can follo it...

Question: i have attached the rubric so you can follo it...

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I have attached the rubric so you can follo it please
Explain everything in detail of the problem everything every step
1. The Dart Game Juan threw five darts. The possible scores on the target were 2, 4,6, 8, and Each dart hit the target. Which of these total scores are you certain is not possible? 38, 28, 58, 30, 41, 31, 26, 6, 14, 15
Grading Rubric for Problems Each homework and test problem will be graded on a 10-point scale. Points will be awarded based on: A. Understanding the Problem (restate: what are you trying to find in your own words) O-Completely misinterprets the problem 1 - Misinterprets part of the problem 2 -Shows complete understanding of the problem Choosing a Solution Strategy (state strategy name if you know it, otherwise describe it) 0 - Does not give evidence of using a strategy 1-Chooses a strategy that could possibly lead to a correct solution B. or chooses a strategy that will lead them partway through the problem but fails to change strategies when appropriate 2 -Chooses a correct strategy that leads to a correct solution C. Implementing the Strategy (show all scratch work, then rewrite succinctly) 0- Makes no attempt to solve or just gets the answer with no work 1 - Implements your strategy but doesnt complete it properly leading to an incomplete or wrong solution 2 -Implements a correct strategy with no errors Getting the Answer (highlight final answer) 0 -Gets no answer, fails to state the answer or gets a wrong answer 1-Makes copying error or computational error or gets partiol D. answer to a problem with multiple answers or labels answers incorrectly 2 -Gets correct answer, state it in a complete sentence and label it properly E. Explanation/Justification (does my answer make sense?) 0- Makes no explanation or incoherent explanation 1- Gives an incomplete explanation or the explanation is hard to follow 2- Gives a clear, coherent explanation and justifies that this answer makes sense
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