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Question: i have provided the answer but i would like it...

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Exercise 3 Signal x(t) can be written as the following product: x(t) = (1 + cos (2m280t-6)) . cos (2π12000 a. Draw the frequency spectrum of (t). Denote clearly for each frequency component its frequency, amplitude and phase b. We can write x(t) as the following Fourier series expansion: x(t)-Σ -o_akel t with wo 2m fo. Calculate the fundamental frequency fo and the Fourier coefficients a

Exercise 3 3a x(t) = [1 + cos(2π280t-6)] . cos(2n 1200t) spectrum lej 4 -1500 -1200 1200 江500 1480 -1480 -920-500 VTV 920 3b Frequenties (f) 920 1200 1480 fo (ged) Index of α=//fo! 23 | 30 | 37 | 40 40 40 2323 fo = 4011 ak = 0 except for α30 = α:30-

I have provided the answer but I would like it to be more detailed (e.g. all the steps given to obtain that spectrum). I would also like to know what are the peaks which I indicated with arrows on the spectrum picture.

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