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Topographic Analysis: Coastal and Arid Geomorphology Depositional coasts generally are located near o nshore plains of gentle relief, where sediments are available and current- A barrier spit consists rom mnn deposited landforms are illustrated in Figure 2 and may involve sediments of varying sizes of material deposited in a long ridge, attached at one end, extending out from a coast; it partially crosses the mouth of a bay. A spit becomes a bay barrier, sometimes r off the bay from the ocean and forms an inland lagoon. Tidal lats features wherever tidal influence is greater than wave action. y sources. althaugh such features s can occur along all coasts. Characteristics of wave- referred to as a baymouth bar, if it completely cuts rshes are characteristic low relicr A tombolo occurs when sediment bolo forms when sediments accumulate on n deposits connect the shoreline with an ofishore island or sca stack wave built terrace that extends below the water в ech Barner Lagoon Tombol spit ot brackish water (cihty Tidal inlct twa free ninecticn to Wave-cut platform open sea Wave-built terrace Figure 2 Characteristic coastal depositional landforms Activities and completion items related to coastal geomorphology 1. Rcfer to thc Point Reyes topographic quadrangle-Topographic Map #8 What is the scale of this map?12S What is the contour interval?t 2.. Give the name and location of a barrier spit on the map segment. Limantour spt iwhich estendS out from the Coaist of Drakel 3. List the names of one lagoon and two estuaries shown on the map. Note that estero means estuary in Spanish. ters de Limantaur EStUC antour Spit? 4. Using a topographic map symbol key, what is the composition of Lim Accoraa to the to Smbol Sl the compssiuton Limaunicur ro Sand 2LAKE WALES, FL Topographic Analysis: Coastal and Arid Geomorphology 5. A wave-cut platform, or wave-cut terrace, is formed by wave action as a horizontal bench in the tidal zone If the relationship between the land and sea level has changed over time, multiple platforms or terraces may arise like stairstcps back from the coast. These marine terraces are remarkable indicators of an emerg coastline. What evidence do you find of such a leveled terrace on the map? Describe. 6. Looking at the contour lines, can you determine the prevailing, effective wind direction along Point Reyes Beach? Explain. 7. From Drakes Beach around to Chimney Rock there are examples of wave-cut cliffs and hanging valleys Determine the height of several of these features above sea level 8. Ir you were in a small boat near Point Reyes and wanted to come ashore, would you consider docking near Chimney Rock? Explain why or why not 9. In the photo stereopair in Figure 3, locate the lagoons and bays behind Limantour Spit (the bay barrier and barrier spit) that you saw on the topographic map. The topo map was prepared in 1954 and revised in 1971 whereas the photo pair was made in 1993-39 years later. a) Describe some specific differences you see in comparing the map and the photos. b) Are there any cultural features that appear on the photos and not on the map? Describe. 10. Optional Google EarthM activity, Pt. Reyes, CA. For the KMZ file and questions, go to mygeoscience- place.com. Then, click on the cover of Applied Physical Geography: Geosystems in the Laboratory.DRAKES ESTEROTopographic Analysis: Coastal and Arid Geomorphology Figure 3 ereopair of a portion of Point Reyes National Seashore, California. In this arrangement north is to the right, west to the top. (Photos by NAPP, USGS.)

I have some answers on the first page, let me know if i did those correctly.


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