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Question: i have some sort of idea in figuring this out...

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I have some sort of idea in figuring this out but I do need to make sure if I’m executing this question correctly. I’m having trouble with the way water will flow and how ADH will react with both aberrant conditions.
Thank you in advance!
Worksheet #5 (same question as asked on exam l in 2017) Imagine two different aberrant kidneys. One has all the extracellular solution throughout the cortex and all of the medulla changed so that it now had an osmolarity of 300 mosm throughout; the other has an osmolarity of 1400 mosm throughout. Imagine that both kidneys are also bathed in high levels of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) Draw a diagram of the nephron indicating and labeling all its parts and show how the osmolarity of the solution in the lumen of the nephron would change as it went through the proximal tubule, descending and ascending collecting duct for the (A) 300 mosm condition and the (B) 1400 mosm condition. Be sure to also label the osmolarity of the extracellular solution. Show also the flow of salts occurring in the descending and ascending loop of Henle and collecting under these conditions. Be sure to put numbers for the expected values of the fluid in the loop of Henle at different points as it moves through the nephron. (A 10 points; B 10 points) parts of the loop of Henle and the
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