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Question: i have taken a screenshot of the quesiton...

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E Zookal Study TEXTBOOK SOLUTIONS EXPERT A PRACTICE EW! Search Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science (3rd Edition) Chapter 1, Problem 6P 32 Bookmarks)Show all steps: ON Post a question Answers from our experts for your tough homework questions Problem Enter question Five million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater, with a concentration of 10.0 mg/L of a conservative pollutant, is released into a stream having an upstream flow of 10 MGD and pollutant concentration of 3.0 mg/L. (a) What is the concentration in ppm just downstream? (b) How many pounds of substance per day pass a given spot downstream? (You may want the conversions 3.785 /gal and 2.2 kg/lbm from A Continue to post 20 questions remaining ppendix A.) My Textbook Solutions Step-by-step solution

I have taken a screenshot of the quesiton

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