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Question: i have the solution to this problem below however i...

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I have the solution to this problem below. However I cannot figure out where the equation at the beginning of step 3 came from. I have read all my notes and book several times and I cannot find similar
1-62 A gas is contained in a vertical, frictionless piston- cylinder device. The piston has a mass of 3.2 kg and a cross- sectional area of 35 cm2. A compressed spring above the pis- ton exerts a force of 150 N on the piston. If the atmospheric pressure is 95 kPa, determine the pressure inside the cylin- der. Answer: 147 kPa 150 N Patm 95 kPa mp 3.2 kg A 35 cm2 FIGURE P1-62
0 Step 1 of 3 Done Given: Mass of the piston3.2g Area of the piston 455cm External force on the piston Atmospheric pressure am F-150N P95kPa
Step 2 of 3 Done Ps Patm 150N atm 95 kPa A = 35 cm.
0 Step 3 of 3 Done From the free body diagram of piston under the condition of equilibrium, Thus Gas pressure pring Gas atm 3.2kgx9.81m+1S0N 35x10 m2 IkPa 95kPa+ 1000 147kPa 147 kPa
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