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Question: i have these functions done i just done know exactly...

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I have these functions done I just done know exactly how to call them in my main. The picture file I have in my package is called Arches.jpg. cs1410-Assignments1 83 84 85 86 87 public static Picture makeGrey(Picture obj) JRE System Library [JavaSE-11] Picture newPicture = new Picture(obj); int widthobj.width); int height obj.height): Src D MethodCollection.java for(int column-0; column<width; column++) MoreComplicatedMethods.java for(int row-0; rowcheight; row+) 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 LoopsAndimages.java Picture.java Arches.jpg Color color obj.get(column, row) int average(color.getRed+color.getGreen()+color.getBlue)/3) Color graynew Color(average,average,average); newPicture.set(column, row, gray); return newPicture; 100 This function will take a picture and turn it 107 public static Picture makeNegative(Picture obj) 106 108 109 110 Picture newPicture new Picture(obj); int widthobj.width) int heightobj.height(O; for(int column0; column<width; column+) 112 113 114 115 116 for(int row-0; rowcheight;row+) Color color obj.get(column, row) Color negative new Color (255-color.getRed),255-color.getGreen(),255-color.getBlue)) newPicture.set(column, row, negative) 118 119 return newPicture; 121 This function will return the value of the color!

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